A Word A Week Challenge – Castel Sant’Angelo

I was looking at my photos of Castel Sant’Angelo and just happened to come across this word a week challenge that seems to be popular in the blogosphere. I think it’s a great idea and since I was planning to post this photo anyway I thought I’d combine the two.

Castel Sant’Angelo is a castle in Rome, originally built for the Roman Emperor Hadrian to use as a mausoleum for himself and his family. It has a fascinating history and was used for some time as a papal fortress. The Passetto di Borgo is an elevated tunnel linking the castle directly to the Vatican City, and was actually used by Pope Alexander VI to escape the attack of Charles VIII in 1494. What an incredible story!

Unfortunately I did not have time to venture inside the castle where you can now find a museum. But I did wander around the outside to get a good look at it from a number of angles. This was the best shot I got. Again I’m using black and white to bring out the architectural detail, and hide how boring the sky was while I was there!


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