My First Black & White Landscape


This is the first black and white photograph I’ve published online! The photo was taken in the Bernese Alps whilst walking between Kleine Scheidegg and the Mannlichen. I knew that I loved the composition of this shot but it wasn’t working for me in colour. It was a bit bland as 2/3 of the picture was a boring shade of green. Turns out B&W was a perfect fit for the strong contrast between the grassy hills and the path I was following!

I’m not sure why but I never think B&W makes anything I photograph look better. Because I rarely use it in post-processing, I never ‘think’ in B&W when looking for the best shot. Maybe if I did that a bit more I might end up with more shots that look great in B&W. It’s hard to say! It would be an interesting experiment though so maybe I’ll try it one day.

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3 thoughts on “My First Black & White Landscape

  1. neverclipmywings

    You’ve touched a really interesting point in your post. I had a photography teacher that used to say that we have to “think in B&W” if we want to produce good pictures. The post-process in photoshop an so on is not enough, in his opinion. The “art” is taking the picture already in the B&W mode. Me, particularly, I always think it’s a risk (“what if I dont like the picture though? I cannot reverse!”), and than I end up not taking B&W pictures, just like you. But, I can see here that you made a really good first step: this picture is really really beautiful! Let’s pratice and put our B&W world to work! 😉 Have a nice weekend!

  2. Ben Post author

    That’s really interesting your photography teacher said the same thing, I must have the right idea then! Thanks for the compliment on the photo 🙂 I really think it’s one my favourites which is strange because I’ve never been interested in B&W before. This shot has made me rethink that. So you might see a few more of them from me! Good luck with the B&W, and have a great weekend too!

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