Silverstone Grand Prix In Motion

Silverstone - Vettel FP2

I don’t go very often, but I love taking photographs at Formula 1 events. You just can’t beat the colour and shiny-ness of the cars! When stationary they are at worst beautiful machines, and at best mesmerising beasts pounding round the circuit. There really is nothing quite like it!

I was lucky enough to be at the Silverstone Grand Prix a few weeks ago trying to get some good motion shots of the cars. I have to say it was very difficult! It was not something I could really attempt with my old compact camera so I had no prior experience of shooting moving objects in this manner. When I bought the NEX 6 this was one of the things I was most excited about – being able to take better pictures of Formula 1 cars at speed. I ended up with a lot of bad, blurry pictures but I also managed to get a few good ones!

Silverstone - Hamilton FP2

Most of the time I was using 1/60 on Shutter Priority and just following the cars around the track. It was good fun and I found the viewfinder on the NEX 6 invaluable for tracking a moving object at speed, although it does have its disadvantages as I sometimes missed an interesting bit of action with no peripheral vision. The continuous auto focus also held up very well.

Silverstone - GP3 Qualifying

I would like to invest in a longer zoom lens for my next trip as the 55-210mm was not great for close up shots. However it did get me as close as I was expecting so I can’t complain! And hopefully the practice on this occasion will serve me well next time. I’ve seen some pictures where you see the drivers eyes through the helmet’s visor – that has to be the ultimate goal! But probably some way off for me I expect.

Silverstone - Perez Blowout

I am hoping to make it to some of the testing events at the beginning of next year so that will be my opportunity to try again. In the mean time I still have lots of photos to go through from Silverstone, I expect they will keep me busy for a while!

Silverstone - GP3 Qualifying

Do you like shooting Formula 1 action? Have any tips for me?! Please comment below!


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