Tuscany – What A Difference The Light Makes

Oh how I wish to be back in Tuscany driving through those rolling hills. What an impossibly beautiful landscape! I’ve picked a couple of photos below to demonstrate the difference a bit of extra light can make to a photograph (and also because I couldn’t decide which one was my favourite of the two!). Both were taken from a very similar position in some fields just to the north of Siena. You can see in the second photo the sun is shining through the clouds a little bit more improving the definition of the hills and adding some brightness in the foreground. Just a little bit of light makes a big difference. It’s a shame my camera can’t cope with the glare very well, or maybe I just don’t know how to handle it properly!




3 thoughts on “Tuscany – What A Difference The Light Makes

  1. diopereira

    Nice photographs, makes me want to go to Tuscany, and i’ve never been there! 😀
    i think the first photograph is more appealing than the second one, mainly because there is some “data” that was lost because of the whiteness on the sky. The first one looks more natural i think, the clouds and the blue sky look very nice indeed, and so does the landscape, while in the second photo half of the sky is gone because it’s too bright. But i see what you mean about the light, the landscape on the 2nd photo has more shades of green 🙂 You could also do a panorama with the photos since they were taken in the same place 🙂 One other thing you could do is take 2 photographs of the same subject, and use different exposures, one for the sky and another for the ground, and after that you can use photoshop to cut the sky and paste it on the other photo, if you think it looks too bright 🙂
    (btw sorry for the long comment! 😀 )

    1. Ben Post author

      Thanks for the tip! Great idea about the exposure – at the time I didn’t have a camera which really allowed me to change many settings but I’ve recently upgraded so I’ll give that a try next time 🙂 I think I agree, the first picture is more well-rounded and the light isn’t blown out too much. But I prefer the composition and colours in the second!

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