About Me

I love to explore and discover, taking my curiosity and a camera everywhere I go. As a British expat living and working in Switzerland, I’ve been gifted a fantastic opportunity to immerse myself in a foreign culture. And from a location that is central to some of the most stunning landscapes in the world! I feel incredibly lucky to be here, and have been doing everything I can to take full advantage of this incredible chapter in my life.

Over the years photography has had a growing influence on me, and these days I couldn’t be without it. I appreciate how it makes me look at everything differently, transforming the seemingly mundane into the brilliantly obscure. It’s given me a curious mind and keen attention to detail that I lacked in life before my lenses. Every angle, every detail, every shot. I am quite happy standing in the same spot for ten minutes when most people would be bored after thirty seconds!

I strongly believe that to travel is to be curious and engaged wherever you might be, whether it’s in the local community or the other side of the world. I’m often surprised by what I can find just outside my front door. An exotic locale is certainly not a hard requirement! Through my travels and photography I hope to inspire people to get out and explore wherever they are.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I hope you like what you see and look forward to seeing you around!

Ben (@FlightsCamera)

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